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So next time, don’t miss anything that goes Amiss!
For any organization, cost is the major factor which plays an important role in deciding whether to install that many cameras or not.

However, we as a company strive passionately towards the end goal of giving superior value to our customers for every penny spent!

  1. Cascading the DVRs rather than installation all of them in one place, thereby reduce the cost of wiring
  2. Minimum number of cameras to cover maximum area, making it more efficient!
  3. Sequential Security, Cameras planning in a way that a person will never be able to skip from the frame of the camera anywhere premises, so you have the complete control!
  4. Smart Designing of devices fostering relative views, where individuals have the views just the way they want it. So next time, your administrator would have the complete and detailed information ofwhat is happening in the reception and on the office counters!
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