Intrusion Prevention

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Intrusion AlaramSyatems(IAS)

  • Intrusion Alarm systems are systems designed to detect the presence of intruders at your premises, trigger a local siren to deter activity and simultaneously, communicate the event to a security monitoring centre so that an appropriate response can be coordinated. In today’s scenario these systems have become very much essential.Our Intrusion Alarms systems are designed in a way that meets all the above criteria can only be achieved by installing a combination of detection devices throughout the premises.
  • Key points of consideration while selecting a IAS system:
  • Correct number and positioning of the intrusion detection devices is essential for effective
    system  performance
  • Prevention  of false  alarms  by selection  and usage of superior  quality  detection devices
  • Intrusion alarm systems with keypads and LCD display enable simplified operations and constant status checks
  • Optimal placement of sirens  and strobes  to avoid  tampering yet  alert  those  nearby when an
    alarm  occurs
  • Flexible   alarm   control   panel  to  meet  the  requirementsarising   from   the  regularly changing
    as well as from  the organization’s  expansionplans.
  • Selection of the right communicationlink from the different options available in intruder alarm
    panels -like dialup over standard telephone lines, mobile GSM/ GPRS and IP (broadband) networks for communication to the customer or monitoring center

Advantages of IAS:

  • Physical assets within unoccupied premises are protected
  • A safer environment is provided for occupants
  • A coordinated response when an intrusion event occurs
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